Believers Church of God is a English speaking and, a multi-cultural church, we are all about relationship with God and people. Love is the foundation of our relationship. We are about proclaiming the gospel of Jesus to all nation and making of disciples.

What we do on Sundays and why.........

Bible reading

Believers church of God, is a Bible rooted church. the foundation is, the word of God.

We sing songs of Praise & worship

Praise and worship is our act of praising and worshiping God with songs. We expresses our gratefulness to Him through songs.

We give offering

We are unashamed to ask people to give because we know that by practicing generosity,we end up living lives of generosity. God does not want our money more than the relationship He wants from us. We do not give because we expect God to bless us in return. we give our time, talent and treasure for His purposes because; He has already blessed us with greater things than materials blessings.

We listen to a message that is rooted in God´s Word, The Bible

Our Pastor have a heart to help people grow in their relationship with God by helping them realize what God´s love is and how closer God is to them. our pastor strives to share some practical ways in which one can apply God´s Word to one´s life in a way that make sense.

We minister and pray

We believe that every time we gather together, it is a divine appointment with God. all what God desires from us is, relationship with Him and people.that is why we sing songs  and pray for one another after the ministration of the Word. 

Children´s ministry


We also offer a kid´s ministry, where children from newborn to 12 years old can be taught the Word of God accordingly to their ages.

SERVICE TIME-13:00 -15:00 

Join us next Sunday  and come see for yourself.

we will be looking forward to meeting you soon!